Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know...

Charges, Operating Hours and How to Book

How much do you charge for oven cleaning?

For the most up to date prices please see our prices page. 

How can I pay for the oven clean?

Our oven cleaner will collect payment from you when the job is complete. We accept cash or cheque. We can also take credit or debit cards, however please be aware that this incurs a 3.5% transaction fee. 

What days of the week do Spotless clean ovens?

We work Monday to Saturday all day. We are also able to provide early morning and evening cleans for you if you are unavailable in the day time, just give us a call to arrange.

What areas do you cover?

We cover Lichfield, Derby, Burton, Ashby and everyhwhere in the surrounding areas. Our Where We Cover page lists the majority of the places we travel to but please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure.

How do I book to have my oven cleaned?

Simply call us on 01283 599 219, complete our online form or email and we will find a convenient time and date for you. 


The Oven Cleaning Process

How safe is the oven cleaning process?

Our products are completely safe, we use products such as natural degreasers made from seaweed extract which are completely non-caustic and food safe. You can use your oven straight away with no worries for you and your family.

Do you clean oven doors and other oven parts?

We certainly do, we often remove the door to ensure a thorough clean around all those hard to get to parts such as hinges. We can even clean inbetween glass panels unless the unit is sealed.

What other appliances do you clean?

We are happy to clean all types of ovens and cookers including Ranges, Agas, hobs, cooker hood extractors and microwave ovens. We can also clean your splash back surfaces, take a look at how we clean ovens and cookers here.

Can you clean 'self-cleaning' ovens?

Yes we can as we use non-caustic products to clean your 'stayclean' surfaces. We will endeavor to clean as much as the oven as possible whilst ensuring your appliance isn't damaged.

Are there any parts of the oven you don’t clean?

We will clean all parts of the oven, both inside and out. The only time we will leave any part of the oven is if cleaning it may damage or break the components and we will always make you aware of this at the time of cleaning.

Do Spotless Ovens carry spare parts?

Yes we carry replacement light bulbs and replacement filters. These are an additional £5 per bulb and the filters are complimentary.

How soon can I use my oven after the clean?

Straight away!

How often will my oven need professionally cleaning?

This is very dependant on how heavily you use your oven but we recommend between 6-12 months. We are happy to book repeat appointments in at the time of our visit.

How long does professional oven cleaning take?

The cleaning time starts at one and a half hours and can take up to three hours depending on the size of your oven. We will give you a time estimate when you make your booking.


Why Go Professional and About Spotless Ovens

Why should I use a professional oven cleaning service to clean my oven?

Cleaning your oven is not a nice job, the build up of dirt can be impossible to remove with over the counter oven cleaning kits and you may still not be happy with the results. Using a professional oven cleaning service like Spotless Oven Cleaning only takes a couple of hours and your oven will look as good as new. You won't have to use any harsh chemicals and you won't be left with strong chemical smells in the also won't have to do the hard work as we'll do that for you. Read some of our reviews to hear what our happy clients say about the Spotless Oven Cleaning service.

Are Spotless Ovens insured?

Absolutely! Spotless Cleaning and Spotless Ovens have full public and employers liability insurance and we are happy to show copies of this at your request. 

How long have you been operating?

Spotless Ovens is a service offered by Spotless Cleaning, you may have seen our pink spotty vans around your local area. We are a family run business and have been operating since 2008. We are not a franchise so you can rest assured you are getting the best service possible as customer care and quality work is what we pride ourselves on.

More questions?

Please feel free to give us a call on 01283 599219 or drop us an enquiry and we'll be happy to help.